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Catalonian separatist's lawyer to defend Shariy

05.05.2022, 15:52
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Pro-russian blogger Anatoliy Shariy, who was detained in Spain and suspected of treason, will be defended in court by lawyer Gonzalo Boye, who is also the defender of former Spanish Prime Minister Carles Puigdemon.

This was reported by with reference to Europa Press.

Legal sources have confirmed to the publication that Shariy will appear before the chairman of the Central Court №4 today. According to police sources, the arrest took place in Tarragona, where the blogger lived.

Lawyer Gonzalo Boye is defending Puchdemon, who fled from Spanish justice to Belgium after an illegal referendum on the region's independence in 2017.

Upon hearing the news of his detention, his wife Olga Shariy published a song excerpt in her Telegram, which she captioned as "Commentary:"

Even the strictest supervisor

Stands pensively by the wall.

That bastard, he alone knows…

This should be followed by the verse "That the lad has only one night left to live," but this fragment was not included in the video.

As IMI reported, on May 4, pro-russian blogger Anatoliy Shariy, whom the SSU suspects of treason, was detained in Spain.

Shariy will eventually be extradited to Ukraine, and he will be prosecuted by a Ukrainian court.

The SSU suspects Anatoliy Shariy of committing crimes under two articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine: Art. 111 (“Treason”) and Art. 161 (“Violation of equality of citizens based on their race, nationality, religious beliefs, disability, and other grounds”).

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