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Case started against the organization affiliated with Palytsia, who was impeding the work of journalists

09.08.2017, 16:22
The officers of the Security Service of Ukraine, in cooperation with the prosecutor's office, exposed an organized group, which, using one of the civil organizations of Volyn, "Varta Poriadku", were conducting unsanctioned audio and video-recording of information. This is reported at the website of SBU and on the official webpage of local SBU branch in Volynska oblast in Facebook. The officers established that the criminals used special equipment to visually observe people, including officials of several governmental structures, and to receive information about them. They used the information for their personal and commercial purposes. The operatives documented that the special equipment was smuggled into Ukraine. During the searches in the offices, houses and cars of the five suspects, SBU investigators found special devices for covert recording, memory cards with photos,  weapons of different calibers, cartridges for it, grenades F-1 and anti-personnel mines. Criminal case was started based on part 2, article 201, and part 2, article 359 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. As IMI reported before, on May 10, 2017 the journalist from Lutsk Arina Krapka (Iryna Musiy) filed claim to the court against the charity foundation of Ihor Palytsia “Tilky razom” for refusal to provide requested information. The journalist wanted to know how much money the fund provided to the civil organization "Varta poriandku", yet the fund refused to reveal this information. It is still unknown how much the fund of Palytsia paid to "Varta poriadku". Arina Krapka said she has her sources in police that the members of the mentioned organization might commit several crimes in Volyn and beyond. Still, she prefers not to reveal the results of her investigation until she releases a publication about it.
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