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Blogger in occupied Crimea to be tried for a comment on social media

11.04.2023, 13:18
Photo: Rolan Osmanov on Facebook
Photo: Rolan Osmanov on Facebook

In occupied Crimea, blogger, citizen journalist Rolan Osmanov is to be tried for a comment on media, where he said that "no tsar is worth dying or killing for."

Osmanov reported this in a video address on Facebook.

He noted that he had been at the occupier-backed Kyiv District Court of Simferopol. There, he viewed the material of the case brought against him.

"The case itself is absurd. It was opened because I said on Facebook that no tsar was worth killing or dying for and all this would not last for much longer. I don't what the jude's face will look like as they will be trying this absurd case," said the blogger.

The trial is scheduled for April 12 at 9:30 a.m. and is classified under Article 20.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ("spreading information which is expressed in an obscene, offensive to human dignity and public morality, contains clear disrespect for society, the state, official state symbols of the Russian Federation, the Constitution of the Russian Federation or bodies exercising state power in the Russian Federation, in information and telecommunication networks, in particular on the Internet, with the exception of the cases provided for in Article 20.3.1 of this Code, if these actions do not constitute a criminal act").

We remind you that on March 15, 2023, there was a search at Rolan Osmanov's home. That day, he was taken to the FSB office, where he was required to explain whether or not he had been involved in the Bağçasaray railway sabotage. He passed the polygraph test, and was taken to the "Center for Countering Extremism" afterwards. There, a case was opened against him over public expression of contempt for the authorities of the Russian Federation. The sentence that became the reason for drawing up the case was taken from his post and went like this: "No tsar is worth dying or being killed for. The tsars come and go, but we remain here."

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