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Attempts to jam Suspilne's satellite signal from russian territory recorded

25.08.2022, 11:48
Photo: NPTU
Photo: NPTU

Suspilne Broadcaster recorded another attempt to jam the signal of its channels on the Amos satellite. Dmytro Hruzynsky, Suspilne Broadcasting Networks's Director for Organization and Development, informed Detector Media about this.

According to him, on August 23, they recorded a jamming attempt, with the interference coming from russian territory.

"Since the beginning of the russian federation's full-scale war against Ukraine, we have recorded regular attempts at damaging the broadcasting of Suspilne's TV and radio programs, namely through the satellite. My colleagues and I recorded the first such attempt back in March. Then we received documentary confirmation of this from our licensed satellite relay operator, Spacecom. Another attempt happened in late May. And now, on the eve of Independence Day, on the Day of the National Flag, on August 23, they recorded yet another attempt to jam our satellite signal..." Dmytro said.

However, Suspilne's partners – "Telekanal STB" LLC, which uploads Suspilne's television and radio programs to the satellite, and Spacecom, the satellite relay operator – made efforts to ensure that the company remained on air. Although there were obstacles.

Currently, the NPTU is collecting all the necessary papers for a litigation, since there was third party interference in the work of the channels.

"I will say more: technical experts have confirmed that the interference was committed by special radio-electronic means precisely on the territory of the aggressor country. It is no secret that real Ukrainian media, especially such as Suspilne, make the occupiers 'fret,' because the power of truth that Suspilne journalists demonstrate is almost like the weapons our UAF use. That is why I say that after the Victory, both the UAF and Suspilne will be indisputable authorities," Dmytro added.

According to him, Suspilne is now looking for ways to diversify risks for the sake of security. Therefore, according to the board's decision, applications have already been submitted to the National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting to amend the licenses with regards to the satellite retransmitter.

The media outlet reminds that in March, after the start of russia's full-scale offensive, there were attempts to jam the satellite signal of channels – DDoS attacks and obstruction. Suspilne channels repelled the attacks, but had to switch to a backup satellite. They do not disclose which satellite is currently more secure, so as not to subject themselves to a new flurry of attacks.

In 2016, NPTU (then NTCU) transferred all its channels to the Spacecom satellite Amos. Until now, the telecommunications operator had been the subsidiary of the Swedish group SES, SES Sirius Ukraine, and the state enterprise "Ukrkosmos." STB became the telecommunications operator.

As IMI reported, on March 1, the Suspilne Broadcaster's website was attacked. According to the broadcaster, a file-destroying virus was launched.

On March 4, Ukrainian citizens started receiving emails of suspicious content, allegedly coming from Suspilne Broadcaster's press office.

On March 25, Suspilne's website suffered a powerful hacker attack.

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