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Air Force blames the Defense Express for playing into the enemy's hands with their Kinzhal report

05.05.2023, 17:12

On May 5, the Defense Express reported on the hypersonic Russian missile Kh-47 "Kinzhal" that had allegedly been shot down over Kyiv the previous night. The Air Force accused the media of playing along with the enemy.

Citing its own sources, the portal posted a photo of the destroyed missile lacking a warhead which had fallen on a stadium in the capital.

The Kyiv City Military Administration reported that on the night of May 4, Kyiv had been attacked by Shahed drones and "probably ballistic-type" missiles.

Following these reports, the Air Force advised the public to turn to the Defense Express and the KCMA "for additional relevant, up-to-date and reliable information that will be used by the enemy in the war against Ukraine", and said that they would not provide any comments today.

At last, in a comment to Suspilne, Yuriy Ihnat, the UAF Air Force Command spokesman denied the reports about a "Kindzal" ballistic missile being shot down over Kyiv on the night of May 4.

"There was a possibility that they would use it, but no ballistic missiles were observed," Ihnat said.

IMI executive director Oksana Romaniuk noted that the journalists who conducted the investigation reported on it appropriately, having done their job and complying with the time limits in accordance with the standards approved by the Ministry of Defense itself.

As IMI reported, in October 2022, the command of the UAF Air Force stated that it would not share the details of the country's air defense' work with Ukrainian or foreign media. This also applied to the supply of IRIS-T and NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems to Ukraine and their work in combat.

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