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A newspaper about the events in Ukraine since February 24 to be issued in the de-occupied parts of Kharkiv oblast – Tkachenko

15.09.2022, 14:38

A special newspaper covering the events in Ukraine since February 24 will be published for residents of the liberated territories of Kharkiv oblast. This was announced by the Minister of Culture and Information Policy Oleksandr Tkachenko.

According to him, when the territory was occupied by the Russians, local residents became trapped in an information bubble and did not know how the events have been developing since February 24.

"Our people were made to think that if the Armed Forces entered these territories, Ukrainians would be punished for having lived under occupation, up to some Ukrainians from the liberated territories not knowing about Bucha, Mariupol, or other terrible crimes," Tkachenko explained.

He added that the Ministry is currently working to return Ukrainian broadcasting and printed media to the de-occupied territories.

"Next week, residents of the de-occupied territories of Kharkiv oblast will be able to watch and read Ukrainian content," assured Oleksandr Tkachenko.

He also mentioned the Russian propagandists, "whose speed is only comparable to the speed of the 'second army of the world' fleeing Kharkiv oblast."

"The Kremlin's propaganda machine does not have time to sufficiently respond to unexpected and unplanned events. Just like the military leadership. Being unable to create a line of defense in the 4 days of our counteroffensive, saying nothing about the real state of affairs in their media for several days, or simply denying what is happening – this only proves that our asymmetric actions in this war are successful, and the Kremlin's propaganda and war machines are not adapted to modern realities and challenges," Tkachenko wrote.

As IMI reported, fleeing Kharkiv oblast, Russian soldiers left behind not only their weapons and military equipment, but also their belongings and their propaganda newspaper.

At the same time, amidst the liberation of the region, a large influx of suspicious persons trying to pry information out of people is being observed in the pro-Ukrainian Telegram chats of Kharkiv oblast.

The people in the de-occupied settlements are settling in and restoring their daily life. They start by getting rid of the Russian occupiers' symbols.

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