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22 cases “on journalistic matters” referred to court in 2018, as to GPO

20.02.2019, 17:21
In 2018, the law enforcement bodies took 22 criminal proceedings regarding the delicts committed against the journalists to court, as it is said in the reply of the General prosecutor’s office to the IMI inquiry on the crimes against the journalists. In particular, among the proceedings transferred to the court last year are cited: - 14 criminal proceedings due to threatening (article 345-1 “Threat or violence against the journalist”); - 8 criminal proceedings due to obstruction to fulfill journalistic activity (article 171 of Criminal code of Ukraine “Obstruction to fulfill professional activity as journalist”). In total, the law enforcement bodies instituted 287 criminal delicts against the journalists. Of these, 195 criminal proceedings instituted as obstruction to fulfill professional activity of journalist (article 171 of the Criminal code “Obstruction to lawful journalistic activity”), 89 of these proceedings were ceased. 82 criminal proceedings instituted as threat or violence against the journalist (article 345-1 “Threat or violence against the journalist”). 8 criminal proceedings as premeditated destruction or damage of the belongings of the journalist (article 347-1 of the Criminal code “Premeditated destruction or damage to the belongings of the journalist”), of these 2 proceedings were ceased. 2 criminal proceedings as attempt upon the life of the journalist (article 348-1 “Attempt upon the life of the journalist”). As IMI informed last year, 23 criminal proceedings over the delicts committed against the journalists had been sent to the court in 2017.
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