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"Yurydychna Hazeta" journalist Oleksiy Borys killed in action

10.02.2023, 15:46
Photo: Yurydychna Hazeta
Photo: Yurydychna Hazeta

Oleksiy Borys, a soldier of the 58th Brigade and a journalist of the "Yurydychna Hazeta" newspaper, was killed in action on February 9. This was reported on the publication's website.

Oleksiy Borys worked at "Yurydychna Hazeta" since the spring of 2021, previously he had been a Paralegal at Arzinger.

He has been defending Ukraine from the first day of Russia's full-scale invasion. Earlier, he said in an interview with the newspaper that he had been drafted into the 58th motorized infantry brigade, served in a reconnaissance company for the first month, then in an anti-tank artillery division, amended missile trajectories and conducted aerial reconnaissance. Later, he was appointed platoon commander of an anti-tank artillery battery. He was on the front lines of defense in Donetsk oblast.

"On February 9, our journalist Oleksiy Borys died. He was 27 years old. Even before the full-scale invasion, he knew that he would enlist at once – and as soon as February 26, he went to training together with his father; a month later, the two of them were on 'ground zero' in the East.

"Bakhmut, Chasiv Yar – that is where I used to send the parcels that were would prepare for his platoon. Young guys, smart and caring, were the first to stand to Ukraine's defense. In the war with Russia, we are losing the best people, who were driving our country towards change.

"Oleksiy had no tolerance for hypocrites, did not forgive betrayal. He was always very sincere in his views and feelings, serious, responsible, always true to his principles. Gave friendship and love all he got. He had dreams, made plans for the future. He wrote to me from the front line, saying that he missed journalism. Such a difficult path to our Victory!" wrote the newspaper's acting Director General, editor-in-chief, Olena Osmolovska, about Oleksiy.

Photo – Yurydychna Hazeta

According to IMI, Pavlo Tymoshenko became the 46th media person to die as a result of Russian aggression in Ukraine. Of those, eight died while performing journalistic work, 38 died as combatants or were killed by Russian shelling, not in the course of their journalistic work.

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