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What about the children! Watchyour lip! Or what about sexism in the media over the past 12 months?

02.12.2021, 16:26

In 2021, sexism has not diminished in politics and media, etc. So, this will be the third edition of the Anti-Award “This is an Egg!” in Ukraine. The initiators of the Anti-Award will tell about the winners and the reasons at a press conference to be held on December 7 at 1.30 p.m. in Ukrinform news agency.

Anti-award "This is an Egg!" awarded by media NGOs as a non-profit initiative since 2019 and launched by the NGO "Women in Media", the Campaign Against Sexism in Media and Politics "Respect", NGO "Institute of Mass Information", Zmina Human Rights Center, NGO " Detector Media ", NGO " Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union.

Speaker (s) of the event:

  • Yelizaveta Kuzmenko , Chair of the Women in Media NGO, Member of the Commission on Journalism Ethics.
  • Anastasia Bagalika , Gender Coordinator of the Respect for Sexism in Media and Politics Project and the Women Are 50% of Ukraine's Success” Platform.
  • Tamara Martsenyuk , Ph.D., Associate Professor of Sociology, National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Gender Expert of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union (UHHRU) 
  • Gala Sklyarevska , editor of Detector Media.
  • Yana Mashkova , media analyst at the Institute of Mass Information (IMI).
  • Iryna Tyshko , head of the Public Alliance "Women's Political Action".
  • Timur Levchuk , human rights activist

The moderator of the event was Iryna Virtosu, journalist, ZMINA Human Rights Center.

List of anti-award nominees

This year, 41 applications were submitted for the anti-award, of which the organizing committee formed a short list of candidates.

The nomination *“Sexist story”, the story or report with some sexist phrases that was broadcast or made public on TV, in printed press, online media, or on the radio: 

The online edition "Kommentari" for the story "Kommentari” launches poll "The sexiest Ukrainian female MPs - TOP-25",

  • online publication "Khvylya" and the author Vsevolod Nepogodin for the story "Ukrainian woman as a murderer of the family", which has discriminative assertions on women, negative gender stereotypes, direct insults, sexism and profanity.
  • online publication "Radiotrack" and Maksym Rozenko for the story "Did he raped !? "A young handsome choreographer, followed by a covey of schoolgirls", in which responsibility is transferred from the offender to a minor victim of rape.
  • Ukraina TV channel and author Oleksandra Krasnovska for the story "On talk show "I bring you beauty" men spoke of how they do react to voluptuous breasts.  The autrhor reflects about how women should dress themselves (for example, you should not dress a vulgarly on a first date, etc.).
  • "Podii Transcarpathia" and the author Vasyl Sochka for the story "Transcarpathian forests got a new beauty-leader , the title of which is the objectification of women and the reduction of her quality as a specialist.
  • special project of TV channel "1 + 1" "Access Code" and host Lyudmila Badalyan. The project presents materials that contain some gender prejudices against both men and women. For example, expert psychologists teach that women should run around men, please them, the project claims that unmarried men are horrible, the personal experience of the heroes of the material is devalued, women are presented as hunters who have to "catch single men, etc.

*"Sexist phrase", for sexism of public figures (officials, politicians, opinion leaders, etc.), made public in mass media or social networks:

  • MP Ilya Kyva ("Opposition Platform - For Life") for his sexist remarks to female journalists on the sidelines of the Verkhovna Rada on April 29, 2021: to one woman journalist he said he was a sexist, and to another one he advised to join the fan club of his penis. The video of the journalists' communication with the MP was published on the PavlovskyNews Telegram channel. MP Ilya Kiva refused to comment to one woman journalist saying : "You were not taught to communicate with men - with a deep respect?" , "You are girl, me, I am man. Don’t you remember that I am a sexist? Watch your lip, woman”. 
  • MP Serhiy Rudyk (For the Future Party) , who commented on thespeech of the woman MP Mariana Bezugla on the SBU reform bill on January 28, 2021 : "I am surprised, like everyone in this hall, as a 32-year-old girl who has worked in the health care system and, I hope, has never worked in this structure, calls on us to vote for one of the most important documents that can change a lot. " 
  • Secretary of the Korostyshiv City Council in Zhytomyr Region Yuriy Sarapiychuk (Strength and Honor Party) for insultingwoman MP Yulia Yuzefovych: “You retarded woman, idiot woman, not a human, but a woman.Get out off here… " 
  • the chairman of the Mykolaiv regional state administration Vitaly Kim ("Servant of the People") who "promoted" his region while addressing audience at the Ukraine 30 Forum. He added a photo of a woma wearing a sleevless and shorts to the slide about inviting investors to the presentation. And the other picture was of the girl's buttocks. He said: "We suggest that you invest in additional facilities, any, we will provide in full… In general, we have the most beautiful girls in Ukraine. This is what I will defend. " 

*Special Anti-Award :”Preacher of the Year” for a publicly made evaluative judgement in the media or in social network on woman and her social role included reports in the media about the negligent upbringing of children by mothers, accusations and embarrassment of women that she is "not real enough ":

  • the press service of the Kherson police, which reportedthat a report was drawn up against the mother for the fact that the father brought the child to the playground and left her there for several hours without supervision.
  • The press service of the National Police informedthat she penalized her mother because she left her son with her father, but the boy went to look for her.
  • Poltava priest and MP Alexander Dedyuhin (of "European Solidarity") calledwomen who defend the right to dispose of her body, "underdeveloped personalities" and commented: "(…) we can see that the embryo gets in the uterus as a result of certain actions committed by the woman herself. And if you have already agreed to this, then please be responsible. At the same time, I note that the responsibility of a man is much greater, but we have a patriarchy, not something.

The official hashtag of the # цеяйце anti-award. The page is available on Facebook .

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