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"Voice of America" says the Russian propagandist works under editors' supervision

23.02.2023, 18:29
Photo: Detector Media
Photo: Detector Media

Harry Knyagnitsky, who used to work at NTV, where he produced propaganda reports about Russia's war on Ukraine, and currently works at the Russian service of "Voice of America", is working under the news agency's strict editorial supervision.

VOA communications officer Nigel Gibbs said so in response to a request regarding Knyagnitsky's employment, filed by "Detector Media".

"Detector Media" asked VOA to answer the following questions:

  • What was the justification for hiring Harry Knyagnitsky?
  • What, according to the editors, is the basis for hiring a journalist who openly promotes false and harmful content, including hate speech?
  • Is it true that VOA employees tried to warn the managers about the potential problems related to Knyagnitsky being hired, but received no response to their comments?
  • What role do the editors see for Knyagnitsky in terms of his reports for "Voice of America"?

"For decades, Voice of America has hired experienced journalists from repressive backgrounds, including Russia. All VOA journalists work under editorial supervision and direction, which ensures that their work meets the highest standards of journalism and does not contradict our charter.

"Knyagnitsky's work, like that of other VOA journalists, undergoes a strict editing process by the news agency.

"Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, VOA Russia has produced hundreds of hours of content dedicated to debunking Russian disinformation about the war and the attempts by Putin's regime to control that narrative.

"VOA Russia strives to continue to provide its audience with reliable news and comprehensive reports," reads the VOA's response.

As IMI reported, on February 21 and 22 the Kyiv Post and "Detector Media" reported that a former correspondent for the Russian propaganda channel NTV, has been working at the Russian service of "Voice of America" since at least November 2022. He used to film propaganda reports about Russia's war on Ukraine; both media outlet included examples of such reports in their articles.

On February 22, the Ukrainian association Media Movement called on the management of the "Voice of America" to fire Harry Knyagnitsky. The Media Movement gave examples of his reports which show that Knyagnitsky used to be personally involved in propaganda, filming content about the Russo-Ukrainian war.

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