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UP: "Economic Pravda" chief editor kept out of contact by enlistment center employees for almost 24 hours

27.05.2024, 17:26

"Economic Pravda" chief editor Dmytro Denkov, photo by Dmytro Denkov on Facebook

The online media outlet "Ukrainian Pravda" says that the employees of the regional enlistment center in Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky (Odesa oblast), have been keeping the "Economic Pravda" chief editor Dmytro Denkov in detention for almost 24 hours, preventing him from contacting his family, as reported on the media outlet's website.

"Ukrainian Pravda" chief editor Sevgil Musaieva says that almost a full day had passed before they learned what had happened to Dmytro.

"According to our information, Dmytro was detained, his phone and all other means of communication were taken away. For about a full day, we did not know where he was, because was out of contact. Only after his parents filed a search warrant with the police did we learn that Dmytro was at the Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky enlistment office," Musaieva said.

In a comment to IMI, Sevgil Musaieva specified that Dmytro was going to visit his parents. On his way, he was detained by enlistment center employees who seized his phone and laptop.

On April 6, 2024, the investigation project Slidstvo.Info said that an SBU employee could have instructed the enlistment center to hand a draft notice to Yevhen Shulhat. The media outlet noted that in this way the special services wanted to punish the investigator for exposing the elite real estate owned of the SBU chief of cyber security, Illya Vitiuk.

"Economic Pravda" is the "Ukrainian Pravda" project about business and economics.

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