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Tired of working at this pace – Maryan Kushnir about his last conversation with Maks Levin

05.10.2022, 13:52
Photo: Markiyan Lyseiko
Photo: Markiyan Lyseiko

During the last conversation with Radio Liberty correspondent Maryan Kushnir, his colleague, journalist and photographer Max Levin said that he was tired of the pace of his work and that he would like to work with the military more closely, but in one specific place.

Maryan Kushnir spoke about this in his interview with IMI.

According to him, the conversation took place near his house. Levin gave him a lift home.

"We arrived in the evening, from Borodyanka, I think. And Max says, 'You know, Maryan, I'm tired of working at this pace. Of publishing news every day. I want to sit in one place with the military. Maybe I'll get a rest tomorrow.' I realized that Maks and I will not be driving around together any more, as I would like to show what is happening and how it is happening every day," the correspondent said.

Kushnir soon moved to the center of Kyiv, as it became dangerous to stay in the suburbs.

"The very next day, I went to Rudnytske, got wounded, and after a while found out that Maks was gone," the journalist added.

It will be recalled that the investigators figured out two hypoteses of the circumstances of Maks Levin's and Oleksiy Chernyshov's death. The first is that the Russian troops shot the men from afar while they were standing in the forest near Levin's car, and then, perhaps, finished them off at close range. The second is that Levin and Chernyshov were first interrogated and then executed. Arnaud Froger has testified to the Ukrainian authorities and handed them the physical evidence found at the crime scene.

As IMI reported, photojournalist Maksym Levin had gone missing on the frontline in Vyshgorod district near Kyiv, where he had been carrying out his professional duties covering the war.

On April 1, photojournalist Maksym Levin was found dead in Huta Mezhyhirska village of Vyshgorod district near Kyiv. According to the prosecutor's office, russian troops had fired two shots at him from a light weapon.

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