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The men journalists are not at all in the mood to rest – Olena Leptuha

27.10.2022, 13:17
Photo: Olena Leptuha's Facebook
Photo: Olena Leptuha's Facebook

The men journalists are not at all in the mood to rest.

IMI representative in Kharkiv oblast, "Nakypilo" editor-in-chief Olena Leptuha said this in her interview with IMI.

"You know, it's still that old Soviet thing: 'A man must serve.' I had a very serious talk with each of them. Being involved is very important for them. Pauses of this kind can even make things worse. This is about men, because they are mobilized to the max. We are happy to welcome those who come to Frankivsk from Kharkiv. We take walks to the river, we talk. That's something that resembles the team we would work in the past, when we would always take an evening to chat or watch a movie, with some wine or without. The movies don't really do it for us now. But I see that everyone has become more open now and there is no point in hiding something. Everyone is the way they are," Olena said.

Still, she says, to some extent this tendency applies to our female colleagues as well.

"If we go beyond 'Nakypilo', there are Kharkiv journalists who decided not to leave at all and did not go anywhere during this time. I know that there is one journalist, Anya Chernenko – you may have seen her post, she wrote that she went on a retreat and came back. This is one of those cases when you can't have it any other way. Same with Masha Malevska. She relocated her parents to Ivano-Frankivsk oblast, so she visits every now and then. But she's, you know, very private. She is not big on hanging out, she would rather stay by herself for a while. So, everyone chooses their own way to take a break," noted the IMI representative.

As IMI reported, in the first few months of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the "Nakypilo" editorial office became a shelter for other Kharkiv journalists, as well as for the residents of the building where the office is located.

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