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The highest level of sexism recorded in five online media – IMI research study

09.03.2021, 16:32

Experts with the Institute of Mass Information recorded the highest level of sexism against women in five online media. These are the results of the monitoring of Ukrainian online editions and TV channels conducted by the NGO "Institute of Mass Information" and "Media Detector" in February 2021 *.

In total, 5 out of 20 online media surveyed published sexist and discriminatory pieces targeting women during that monitoring period. 

The highest index of sexism was recorded in the following media: Politeka - 45% of the total number of materials mentioning women. In second place TSN (19% of all materials about women contained sexism), "RBC-Ukraine" - 15%, UNIAN - 14% and "Korrespondent" - 13% of the total number of materials that mentioned women.

Famous women in show business or politics got the most discriminatory reports. Most often, the media wrote about women's faces, sexualized their bodies and focused on their breasts or buttocks.

Six stars who turned old prematurely. Photo / "Observer"

56-year-old Taisiya Povaliy with a reshaped face showed how high she is under the snow / "Politieka"

The sexiest tennis woman player Angelina Shakhraychuk - photos of beauty / "Segodnya"

Breasts of size 15 helped Ukrainian woman become famous - photo / "Segodnya"

Nadia Dorofeeva charmed with pictures in lingerie / "Korrespondent"

As for the women politicians, the Ukrainian media thouroughly examined their clothes, accessories, hairstyles and manicures. However, these stories did not mention in any single word the work of these women. At the same time, it should be noted that the experts did not record any story that would analyze the look of male politicians.

Looks of Tymoshenko, Skorokhod and Kopanchuk in Rada: how women politicians dress

The IMI research study has shown that the key stereotype that has been imposed in the  Ukrainian web-based editions on women was an increased attention to appearance . "A woman's appearance is her business card", "Every girl knows that beauty depends on appearance" ( UNIAN ), such obsessive stereotypes about "femininity and beauty" have become the main trend in the Ukrainian media. 

The second most common stereotype was the sexualization of women. For example, in the story Woman lieutenant took a video for adults on a nuclear submarine ("Segodnya"), the author  said that the couple had sex and filmed it. However, the headline said that it was a woman who was taking the video. On the UNIAN website there were sex tips that concerned only women: "Confident girls who are not afraid of experiments should try this super pose."

* The study of online media content was conducted from 8 to 14 February 2021 inclusive in 20 national online media: "Ukrayinska Pravda” (Ukrainian Truth), "Korrespondent", "",, "RBC-Ukraine", "Obozrevatel" ,, "",, "Gordon", "Politeka", "Dzerkalo Tyzhdnya” (Mirror of the week), "Liga", UNIAN, "Ukrinform", "Segodnya” (Today), "Suspilne.Novyny” (Public broadcaster. News), "Interfax -Ukraine ","Bukvy” (Letters) and ZIK. The sample was 2,000 news items.

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