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The deputy of Lviv regional council removed audio record of the meeting from journalist's phone

14.02.2017, 14:01

Lviv - The deputy of regional council from PPB party, Ivan Labai willfully removed audiotape from the journalist's mobile phone. Anna Holishevska, the journalist of, was recording the meeting of the Standing Committee on Health Commission on her own phone on February 13. Journalist reported about it on her own Facebook page. IMI representative in Lviv region confirmed this information.

"I put a gadget for charging next to the acting Director of Health in Lviv Regional State Administration Iryna Mykychak, just in a half an hour before the end of meeting, I also notifyied her about the phone. When I came to pick up the phone, the deputy from Petro Poroshenko Bloc took it and deleted the record," Holishevska said.

According to the journalist, the MP explained his actions by the fact that she made it with charging in order to record sensitive information in the moment when he discussed privite questions with Iryna Mykychak.

IMI representative contacted Ivan Labai, but the deputy was at the plenary session of the Council and wasn't able to give a comment. However, Anna Holishevska told IMI representative that the deputy apologized for his actions during the plenary session of the regional councli, today.

 IMI Lawyer Roman Holovenko considers that action of deputy does not fall under the Art. 171 of the Criminal Code.
"The problem is that the reason, to erase the phone record, was assumption on that it was a specific hidden recording of conversations. The Art. 171 of the Criminal Code applies in the case when it there is an interfere in legitimate professional journalistic activities. The hidden recording doesn't fall within it.  

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