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The conflict with "Express" is of economic nature, says Director General of "Ukrposhta"

10.01.2018, 15:37
General director of “Ukrposhta” Ihor Smiliavskyi stated that the enterprise is in economic argument with the publisher of the newspaper “Express” due to detection of violations by LLC “Express media sHub” of the contract on dissemination of periodicals. “Ukrposhta” will sue it and demand covering the expenses allegedly caused to it in 2015-2017. "The mentioned publisher for a long time commited unpartnerlike actions towards "Ukrposhta", adding to periodicals undeclared pages, and thus adding physical load on postmen, so knowingly causing damages to "Ukrposhta". In the nearest time, "Ukrposhta" will file claims to the court for compensation of damages in 2015-2017, caused by "Express Media sHub". The statement also claims, that "..irresponsible position of the administration of "Express media sHub" caused the contract for 2018 was not signed, thus making dissemination of the published materials impossible ". According to the director, "Ukrposhta" took all possible steps to prevent the situation and to return the subscribers the money they spent for the subscription. All accusations of political pressure by "Ukrposhta", according to Smilianskyi, are manipulatory and baseless. "Ukrposhta", as the director claims, is prepared to provide the delivery services further with condition that the damages that allegedly were caused to it before will be reimbursed. "Оскільки "Укрпошта" є національним оператором поштового зв’язку і докладає максимум зусиль для забезпечення споживачів якісними послугами, компанія готова підписати з ТзОВ "Експрес Медіа сХаб" необхідний договір за умови компенсації нанесених раніше збитків", - резюмується в зверненні. As IMI reported before, on December 28, 2017, the editorial office of newspaper “Express” declared that the state-owned enterprise “Ukrposhta” blocks the delivery of newspaper in spite of the contract in effect, attributing this to political pressure by the government. On January 4, 2018, in Lviv near the Lvivska oblast state administration there was a protest action  of "Express" journalists and subscribers titled “Red card for Hroisman”.
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