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"Telegraf" website hacked by Russians, posts fake news on Avdiivka

19.02.2024, 10:03

The online newspaper "Telegraf" reports that Russian hackers accessed their website and posted fake news about elite UAF units being "crushed" by Russian troops in Avdiivka.

"To post the Avdiivka fake news, the Russians 'hacked' several popular Ukrainian news websites – including 'Telegraf'. Yesterday, February 18, several domestic media outlets posted news about the UAF's supposed huge losses near Avdiivka and our army's 'elite forces being crushed' in this area. Of course, reasonable people were immediately suspicious of this information, especially considering the spelling errors in the simplest words," the media outlet writes.

The fake posted by Russians on the "Telegraf" website on February 18. Photo by "Apostrophe"

The editors say that the Russians posted the fake news by hacking the security systems used by some media outlets.

On February 18, 2024, "Apostrophe" said that the Russians had hacked their website to post disinformation about Russians "crushing" elite UAF units in Avdiivka.

Earlier this week, the "Ukrainian Pravda" X account and the website were also hacked to post similar fake news.

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