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Special forces police officers beat journalist of Hromadske in court in Kyiv

24.10.2017, 13:50
On October 24, officers of special police forces have beaten the journalist of Hromadske Dmytro Replianchuk in the building of Sviatoshynskyi court in Kyiv, and smashed his camera. This was reported by Hromadske. The officers forced Replianchuk on the ground, and were punching and kicking him. The journalist introduced as mass media representative, and was showing his journalist ID. All these actions were recorded on camera that was smashed by the police. Later, the patrol police officer helped the journalist to get up and led him out of the court building. The journalist was covering discorders in the courthouse caused by detention by the police of Mykola Kokhanivskyi, commander of OUN battalion, for alleged firing a pneumatic weapon. In the courthouse, they tried to assign the pre-trial restrictions for Kokhanivskyi, but the commander supporters broke into the courthouse to block it, and the session failed. Special police forces stormed the building, used tear gas, and the journalist was caught between the clashing parties. Also, on October 24, special police forces detained correspondent of UNIAN Serhiy Lefortov, who was also punched several times.
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