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File a complaint found out who tried to disrupt screening of "Offshore 95"

14.10.2021, 11:29

Slidstvo.Info has identified a man who called officials of the Kyiv City State Administration and allegedly tried to disrupt the screening of “Offshore 95” investigation film about President Volodymyr Zelensky.This is said in a new investigation "Slidstvo.Info".

As IMI reported, on October 3 in Kyiv, the management of the "Maly Opera" five hours before the premiere canceled the screening of the investigative film of "Slidtsvo.Info" "Offshore 95" about the President under the pretext of repairs. 

According to Ukrayinska Pravda , the Maly Opera decided to cancel the screening of the film after a call to the Kyiv City State Administration from a man who called himself an “SBU employee” and threatened employees with “problems” if they would not cancel the screening. Finally, due to social outcry the municipal institution authorized the premiere to be held,

Adviser to the Mayor of Kyiv Oleksiy Hrytsenko posted on his Facebook page the phone number from which Kyiv City State Administration officials were called from. In mobile applications for subscriber identification, this number was recorded mostly as "Oleksander Novikov, SBU". 

“He called people related to the “Mala Opera”. And, in fact, they asked not to hold this event, warning of potential liability if it is held. They did not explicitly threaten, but he hinted that there could be problems if this show took place, ”Oleksiy Hrytsenko told Slidstvo.Info. 

Journalists found that one of the Kyiv City State Administration officials received a call at about 3 p.m. and the conversation lasted a minute. "Slidstvo.Info" does not name the name and position of the Kyiv City State Administration official for security reasons. 

"Investigation.Info" got acquainted with certain bank documents and found that the above phone number was indicated when registering a bank account by a man named Oleksander Novikov.

According to these documents, this person claimed that he had studied at the National Academy of Internal Affairs, and then began working in the Office of the Security Service of Ukraine in Kyiv and Kyiv region. Also, Slidstvo.Info sources in the pension system confirmed that during 2021 Oleksander Novikov received a salary in the same SBU Department of Kyiv and the region.

Journalists called Oleksander Novikov at the specified phone number, but after being asked about his involvement in the disruption of the film "Offshore 95", the man abruptly said goodbye and hung up. So reporters met him under the house to repeat the question. 

"I did not threat by phone. Honestly. I have some work issues to resolve, and work issues are the work issues. But I’ve not threatened by phone,” Oleksander Novikov said and ended the conversation.

“” sent an official request to the SBU with a request to explain why their employee called the Kyiv City State Administration officials in an attempt to disrupt the screening of the film "Offshore 95". But, the SBU did not answer to the essence of the questions, noting only that the agency "did not interfere in the activities of journalists."

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