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“Schemes” denied President's accusation that Andrushko behaved unethically and "rushed at"

10.10.2019, 15:15

The editorial board of “Schemes” program has rejected allegations that its journalist Serhiy Andrushko, behaved unethically and “rushed” to someone.

Natalka Sedletska, editor-in-chief of the “Schemes” program, told it, as she commented on the words of the President Volodymyr Zelensky regarding the conflict between the journalist and his spokesperson Yulia Mendel, as Radio Svoboda reported.

“The editorial board dismisses allegations that Serhiy Andrushko behaved unethically and “ rushed ” at someone. Such statements have nothing to do with reality - we immediately posted the full video of the incident, so that it can be easily verified. Zelensky's accusations of this kind are nothing more than an attempt to somehow justify the unprofessional and illegal actions of his subordinate, ” Natalka Sedletska said.

She also noted: “To discuss  about the incident in terms of contraposition of a “robust man” against a “girl” (quote) is to reduce the level of discussion and to manipulate with the gender issue, which obviously sounds humiliating to both parties. Although the discussion is quite different - whether the president's spokesman is entitled to use physical force, to isolate journalists from the president when they try toask their often acute and inconvenient but socially important questions to the head of state."

"Moreover, unknowingly or intentionally, the president reduced the topic of Mendel's behavior to the case of one journalist," Sedletska continued. - Although it is known that such actions on her part are systematic, as stated by representatives of a number of mass media. Despite this, we welcome that, although after a number of ungrounded accusations, Zelensky eventually came to the constructive debate, publicly giving a signal to Yulia Mendel: “I have to tell her: you can not do that ? Yes. It will happen again - we will separate. "

IMI reported, the President Volodymyr Zelensky finds that his press secretary Yulia Mendel had no right to react in an aggressive way towards the Radio Liberty journalist Serhiy Andrushko, but he said that he would defend her in that context. He said it on October 10 at the press marathon.

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