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SBU sees panic in Ukraine as wave of hybrid war - Interfax-Ukraine

14.02.2022, 13:59

Ukraine faces systemic panic attacks, the spread of fake information and the distortion of the real state of affairs, which is another powerful wave of hybrid warfare, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) said in a statement published on its website on Monday morning, as Interfax-Ukraine reported.

"We perfectly understand the motives of the current information pressure - to sow alarm in Ukrainian society, undermine faith in the ability of the state to protect its citizens, undermine our unity. The SBU captures such manifestations of a hybrid war in social networks, individual media outlets, in the dissemination by some politicians of the narratives of the aggressor country" , the statement says.

The SBU notes that they record such cases and actively counteract them. "This is reflected in the decisions of the National Security and Defense Council, the number of neutralized cyber attacks, the elimination of numerous bot farms, the exposure of intelligence networks of foreign special services and the prevention of sabotage and terrorist attacks," the message says.

The department notes that, within the framework of its competence, they constantly analyze various scenarios for the development of events and have a clear action plan for each of them, in addition, they are ready to respond to situations not only out of necessity, but also to prevent them, which they do.

"However, now stability and calmness in our country depends not only on the authorities, but also on the balanced actions of every Ukrainian. We all should remain calm and cool-headed, not succumb to provocations... We should all think critically and check any information; be guided by official data sources, not anonymous ones; learn to distinguish the truth from fakes... And do not forget - the strength of Ukraine is not only in a powerful army, but also in the unity of each of us," the SBU said.


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