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Sarny City Council refuses to provide "Chetverta Vlada" with information on their top-ranking officials' salaries

30.11.2022, 15:06
Photo: lexinform
Photo: lexinform

"Chetverta Vlada" was not provided with information about the salaries of the Sarny City Council's top officials, despite having sent two requests. Only after they filed a complaint to the Commissioner and made the information on the obstruction of journalistic activities public did the state body respond to the journalists' request.

This is reported on the publication's website.

The media outlet made a series of publications about the salaries of local councils' top officials. These materials were based on responses to their requests. The Sarny City Council is one of the state bodies that did not respond to "Chetverta Vlada's" requests. The journalists contacted them twice – in July and in October.

The media notes that the requests were sent to the Sarny City Council's official email address, and then the journalist repeatedly called the state body to find out when the response would arrive. However, the City Council basically ignored the journalists.

The response only arrived after the blog by "Chetverta Vlada" editor-in-chief Volodymyr Torbych was made public, the "100 requests to offender mayors" campaign was announced, and a complaint to the Human Rights Commissioner's Secretariat regarding the violation of the right to information was filed.

Then Vyacheslav Shymko, the head of affairs of the Sarny City Executive Committee, contacted the editors and reported that the council did not receive their requests, probably due to issues with the server. "It seems that requests to the Council should not be sent to the official e-mail, but announced publicly," the publication notes.

The agency requested copies of digital documents with information on the payments accrued to Sarny City Council chairman, Ruslan Serpeninov, and all his deputies, including all types of additional payments and allowances (with a transcript), bonuses, and material assistance for each month of the first half of 2022.

The publication sent a request for the third time (November 21) and received confirmation that the Sarny City Council received their letter. On November 22, the City Council reported that it had received a letter from the representative of the Human Rights Commissioner regarding the violation of the right to information and replied that it had not received the requests.

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