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Russians are jamming phone connection in Kharkiv settlements near the border

16.12.2022, 15:31

The Russians are not only shelling Kharkiv oblast, but also actively jamming mobile and Internet connection there. Namely, this has been recorded in the northern parts of the oblast, which border Russia.

This is reported by Hromadske Radio.

"The Ukrainian military has the situation under control. The biggest threat is coming from the Russian-Ukrainian border, where the backbone of the Ukrainian army is deployed. Our scouts are also working every day," the media reported.

There are still civilians in the border towns and villages: in some settlements, 10–20% of the pre-war population remains, and in some others, almost no one left.

"The overall situation has improved – the transport logistics, in particular. Especially after the bridge over the Pechenizke Reservoir was repaired. Shops are working, there is electricity. There are some nuances with mobile connection and the Internet, because the Russians are trying to jam the signal. Mobile towers, power lines are being damaged due to shelling, which is why the connection there is quite unstable, but everything that can be fixed by specialists is being fixed," Hromadske Radio quotes their correspondent and adds that the Russian equipment which is jamming the connection can only reach the border areas.

Problems with the Internet are complicating the work of schools, as they are currently in remote learning mode.

As for employment for the population, there are indeed issues in the oblast, especially in rural areas. Most of the farms and agricultural enterprises where local residents used to work were either ruined or mined.

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