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Russian propagandists try to downplay the UAF's advances in Zaporizhzhia oblast

19.06.2023, 17:30
Photo: UAF General Staff
Photo: UAF General Staff

Russian propagandists tried to downplay the Ukrainian Armed Forces' gains in Zaporizhzhia oblast, but nonetheless had to admit that Russian troops sustained heavy losses and retreated from Piatykhatky and several other settlements, reported Andriy Vavilov, Hromadske Radio correspondent in Zaporizhzhia.

"These include some small villages of the Stepnohirsk hromada that are located along the highway leading from Zaporizhzhia to occupied Vasylivka. The day before yesterday, Russian propagandists started talking a lot about the combat operations around Piatykhatky. However, they were trying to downplay the UAF advance in every possible way, reporting that the UAF were throwing large amounts of people and equipment into the fight to deoccupy this village to no avail. As usual, the occupiers tried to downplay the successes of the Defense Forces, saying that Piatykhatky was a kind of a 'gray zone' that does not offer any strategic advantage. Even the day before yesterday they were claiming that, the Russian troops were holding the positions against the onslaught of Ukrainian fighters and alleging that the Ukrainian forces have been encircled," the correspondent said.

Within a day, Russian propagandists changed their rhetoric, admitting that the occupying forces had suffered losses and had to withdraw from Piatykhatky.

The Ministry of Defense has confirmed that the Defense Forces of Ukraine have liberated Piatykhatky and seven more settlements in the Berdyansk and Melitopol areas in Zaporizhzhia oblast.

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