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Russian leadership professes the idea of exterminating Ukrainians as proposed by a propagandist – Lubinets

06.03.2023, 11:20
Photo: Dmytro Lubinets on Telegram
Photo: Dmytro Lubinets on Telegram

The leadership of the Russian Federation professes the idea of exterminating Ukrainians as laid out in the book "Denazification of Ukraine. The Land of Unlearned Lessons" by Russian publicist Armen Gasparyan.

This was reported by Dmytro Lubinets, the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner on Human Rights.

He spoke about his part in the United for Justice conference in Lviv, organized by the Prosecutor General's Office to help develop complex mechanisms of responsibility for international crimes.

"Russia must face a serious response from the world. And now we must work with our partners and friends to develop justice mechanisms covering all aspects of the Russian aggression," the Commissioner noted.

At the panel "Crimes related to atrocities – Russian narratives and attempts at destroying the Ukrainian people's right to nationhood", Lubinets spoke about the forms of genocide utilized by Russia.

"Russia's top leadership professes the idea of exterminating Ukrainians as laid out in the book 'Denazification of Ukraine. The Land of Unlearned Lessons' by Russian publicist Gasparyan. The main point of this book, which effectively coined what we now know as 'ruscism', is that everyone who speaks the Ukrainian language should undergo a procedure of denazification – basically, a procedure of physical destruction," said Dmytro Lubinets.

He pointed out that Russia's acts in Ukraine follow this methodology, as especially evident in the TOT:

  • Russia seizes Ukrainian settlements militarily, destroying civilian infrastructure.
  • After a city is seized, they immediately install occupying authorities which establishes a military command and filtration camps with torture facilities.
  • A collaborationist government quickly emerges and starts renaming streets, bans communication in Ukrainian, closes access to alternative (non-Russian) sources of TV, radio broadcasting or the press, blocks or tries to censor the Internet, creating a "media ghetto".
  • The school education is quickly switched to the Russian curriculum. Children are "re-educated" in special camps or deported to the Russian Federation.
  • Simultaneously, compulsory Russian passports are being issued. People are put in conditions where life in the TOT becomes impossible without a Russian passport.

"And as an apogee – mobilization. Citizens of working age, especially men, who receive a Russian passport, automatically become potential soldiers for the occupation army," he noted.

The Commissioner is convinced that the reason Russia went through with the full-scale offensive in 2022 was a feeling of impunity, enabled by the international community in 2014.

"When evil goes unpunished, it gets normalized – both at the micro level and on the global scale. Therefore, I call on the entire civilized world to unite in order to punish all the perpetrators: from Putin himself down to every Russian citizen involved in the genocide of the Ukrainian people!" Dmytro Lubinets stressed in his speech.

As reported by IMI, in April 2022, the Office of the PGU and the SBU notified Russian journalist and publicist Armen Gasparyan of suspicion for public calls for the genocide of the Ukrainian people. Armen Gasparyan penned the book "Denazification of Ukraine. The Land of Unlearned Lessons". His ideas include "placing all Ukrainians who are still alive after the war in so-called filtration camps and holding a large-scale trial over them, sentencing everybody who holds a pro-Ukrainian position. He proposes to exterminate the most vocally pro-Ukrainian persons, sending others to concentration camps for performing unpaid labour."

"Statements from that book were repeatedly used by Russia's highest-ranking political and military leadership to justify the military aggression against Ukraine. The Russian President also used these narratives in his address recognizing the independence of the so-called 'LPR' and 'DPR' and announcing the 'military operation' on Ukrainian soil," wrote the then Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova.

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