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russian hackers threaten to "down the websites" of Zaporizhzhia media

02.05.2022, 10:59

Two Zaporizhzhia websites, infо and, began receiving threats from the hacker group Noname057(16). The letters came from and email services. In the letters, the attackers threaten to hack the media websites.

This was reported to the IMI representative in Zaporizhia region by the staff of the media outlets.

According to the infо editor-in-chief Eric Brynza, the threatening letter arrived at the editorial inbox on April 28. The subject of the letter stated: "Important info." "We, the hacker group NoName057(16), warn you and all other employees of your 'media:' until you stop the onslaught of fakes about the russian federation, we will keep downing your website. You will have to answer for all your crimes. Think before it's too late," the letter said.

The editorial inbox received a letter from "Cheslava Solovei" on April 30. The content of the letter was even shorter: “You didn't get it the first time – we'll say it again. We will keep downing your websites if you do not stop the pipeline of fakes about russia."

Currently, both websites are functioning.

As IMI has reported, on April 22, "Detector Media" was attacked by hackers: the website suffered a DDoS attack. The group NoName057(16) claimed responsibility for the cyberattack. The hackers called the journalists enemies of russia and said they were attacking because the media outlet was "discrediting the russian army and spreading russophobic fakes."

On April 24, Volyn media outlets Volyn Online, Konkurent, and Konkurent TV received new threats to their inboxes. This time, the senders signed as group NoName057(16). Volyn Online has already received 10 emails with threats from the NoName057(16) group.

The staff of Zaporizhzhia city website has also received a letter from the NoName057(16) hacker group.

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