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Russian channel used video of Volyn journalist in a manipulative story

21.08.2017, 23:04
The story on the Russian channel was about Ukrainians beaten in Poland. After that, an offscreen voice says, “in retaliation, near the consulate of Poland in Lutsk first, a cracker went off, and then, the building was shot at from grenade launcher. The criminals were not found”. Then, in the story they used stand-up of Mariya Domanska for “Hromadske. Volyn” where he says that police identified the incident as a terrorist act. Russian journalists mentioned the incident that took place near the General Consulate of the Republic of Poland in Lutsk at night on the eve of April 29, 2017. Yet Ukrainian police never said anything about the reasons of the shot. Yet in “Rosia 1” it was presented as an established fact. In her comment for IMI Maria Domanska said that she first learned about the video from ATO participant from Azov regiment Oleksiy Kushner. “The story is manipulative for sure. The main objective, I think,  was to raise the issue of interethnic clashes. Yet the video of mine is absolutely out of place there. Why they even used it there?  I do not understand”, said Mariya Domanska. She added that an official complaint about her video illegally used will likely be ignored by both Russian media and Russian authorities.
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