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russia to flag Wikipedia as an offender for articles about the war in Ukraine

21.07.2022, 12:04
Photo credit: wikipedia
Photo credit: wikipedia

russia will demand that Internet search engines flag links to Wikipedia in a special way due to the online encyclopedia's refusal to remove articles about the war in Ukraine.

This was announced by the russian Internet regulator Roskomnadzor, Ukrinform reports.

"Due to the failure of the American non-profit organization Wikimedia Foundation Inc. to fulfill their obligation to remove illegal information, Roskomnadzor decided to apply coercive measures in the form of informing Internet users about the violation of russian legislation by a foreign entity," says the message on the department's website.

They note that "the measures applied to the Internet company will be in effect until the foreign entity completely stops the violations of russian legislation." "On the Wikipedia Internet resource (owned by Foundation Inc.), several items recognized as prohibited, including fakes about the course of the special military operation on the territory of Ukraine, remain undeleted," noted Roskomnadzor.

Earlier, the russian court imposed two fines totaling 5 million rubles on Wikipedia's parent company for refusing to remove articles about the war in Ukraine.

As IMI reported, russia demands that Wikipedia remove the truth about the war crimes in Ukraine. According to the report, Wikipedia reported Roskomnadzor's grievances with the content of five articles with regards to the russian law "on fakes:" "Battle of Kyiv (2022)," "War crimes in the Russian invasion of Ukraine," "Mariupol hospital airstrike," "Destruction of the Mariupol Theater (2022)," "Bucha Massacre."

The Wikimedia Foundation, which owns Wikipedia, filed an appeal against the Moscow court's ruling on the removal of information related to russia's invasion of Ukraine. Wikipedia states that people have a right to know the true facts about the war.

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