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Russia continues to sow disinformation in the OSCE Forum for Security Co-operation, says UK

19.10.2023, 16:31
Photo: Krym.Realii
Photo: Krym.Realii

Russia continues to sow disinformation in the OSCE Forum for Security Co-operation, says military advisor in the UK delegarion to the OSCE, Nicholas Aucott, reports Radio Liberty.

"Last week we listened to the lengthy Russian statement, complete with slides, as the Russian delegation attempted to defend the indefensible. The Russian statement was indicative of a mind-set that led Russia to illegally invade another sovereign country in contravention of international law. This mind-set is based on a misguided assumption that might is right and Russia’s absolute willingness to distort reality to suit Russia’s own purposes," said Nicholas Aucott.

According to him, the Forum participants "are constantly witnesses to this misleading behaviour."

"Last week, the Russian representative informed the Forum that she needed to present a lengthy statement, despite being given direction on timings from you Madam Chair, because ‘Russia needed to balance the 40 minutes that other nations had spoken for’. If Russia feels the needs to provide balance on the issue of the illegal invasion of Ukraine, where are the other supporting voices? As Russia, has too slowly realised in recent weeks, Russia is alone in trying to defend the illegal invasion of Ukraine," Aucott noted.

The British representative also pointed out that Russia has claimed that "the logic of the West is simply of ultimatums."

"As was eloquently explained last week by the distinguished representative for the United States, the only ultimatum that this Forum has witnessed are the unprecedented two times Russia prevented this Forum from adopting the agenda – and this prevented the Forum from executing its mandate. We see time and time again the contempt in which Russia holds this Forum. We have appealed in recent weeks for a return to mature diplomacy and yet we are subjected to more of the same banal, inaccurate and excruciatingly long diatribes. Meanwhile, Russia continues its disastrous campaign around the town of Avdiivka," he added.

Moscow did not comment on London's statements.

Radio Liberty reminds that the Russian representative repeated the propaganda talking points on Ukraine at the October 18 Forum meeting; namely, she mentioned Ukraine's "foreign curators", the "fiasco of the Ukrainian counteroffensive" and the "Kyiv regime, which is waging war on the civilian population."

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