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Russia allocates 360 million rubles for destroying Ukrainian libraries in the occupied territories

28.03.2023, 17:34
Photo: Mariupol City Council on Telegram
Photo: Mariupol City Council on Telegram

The Russians continue to remove Ukrainian books from local libraries in the temporarily occupied territories and replace them with Russian literature.

This was reported by the National Resistance Center.

"Another proof that history goes in circles. According to the data available, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation is allocating 200 million rubles for the purchase and distribution of Russian books in the TOT in the South and the East. At the same time, about 120 million rubles is being allocated for creating three model libraries in each occupied oblast, and another 40 million for funding the libraries under the occupiers' control," the report says.

Thus, the National Resistance Center notes, the Russians have set their minds on destroying Ukrainian literature in the occupied territory.

"This is characteristic of Russia: to destroy the native language, to force its own rules of life upon people. However, it should be remembered that the Orcs have been trying to extinguish the Ukrainian language for about 400 years, since language and culture form the national identity of every people. That is why Russia, at various stages of its existence, from tsarist times to the present, has been so purposefully trying to destroy everything Ukrainian," the NRC added.

As IMI reported, Russian propagandists received a prize for a pseudo-historical handbook for Ukrainian schoolchildren.

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