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Roskomnadzor blocks a video by a Zaporizhzhia website from being viewed in Russia

26.12.2023, 16:39
Screenshot from the video by
Screenshot from the video by

The Roskomnadzor blocked a video uploaded to the YouTube channel of the Zaporizhzhia website back in 2019. The editors were notified by YouTube about their video being blocked in Russia on Monday, December 25.

The chief editor Eric Brynza reported this to the regional representative of the IMI.

Screenshot provided to the IMI by

According to him, they received the email from YouTube saying that the content depicted in the video "Urban explorers on a tower crane in Zaporizhzhia" (uploaded on May 5, 2019), is prohibited to Russian viewers and has therefore been blocked.

The minute-long video, which had had several views at the time, features a group of three men climbing a tower crane installed to build bridges over the Dnipro river in Zaporizhzhia, filming the process as well as the bird's-eye view. The background sound is exclusively music, there is no speech in the video.

The reasons behind the Roskomnadzor's decision are unknown. According to Eric Brynza, they have appealed to YouTube support to contest it.

As the IMI reported, in April 2022 the Roskomnadzor demanded that the Zaporizhzhia website Vmeste delete their reporting on Russia's war on Ukraine. That time the Roskomnadzor complained to the hosting owner – the German company Hetzner Online GmbH – demanding to disable the website if "the information distributed in violation of the law" is not taken down within 24 hours.

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