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Prosecutors reclassify the case of "Poltavska Khvylia" reporter from obstruction to threats

21.04.2023, 15:14
Photo: Poltavska Khvylia
Photo: Poltavska Khvylia

The Prosecutor's Office granted the request of "Poltavska Khvylia" reporter, Anastasia Matsko, and reclassified the case as threats instead of obstruction.

The journalist learned of this on April 21, which was when she reported this on Facebook and informed the IMI representative in Poltava oblast.

"Today I learned that the prosecutors granted my request and reclassified the case. Now it is viewed as "Threats or violence against a journalist" (Article 345-1 of the Criminal Code), as it should have been from the very start. But I did not learn this from the investigators or the officers working on the case. I haven't talked to them in several weeks. Maybe it's a coincidence or they have too much work to do. I hope for an impartial pre-trial investigation," wrote Matsko.

In her comment to the IMI representative, Anastasia Matsko added that the Prosecutor's Office had reclassified the case a week ago, but the investigators did not inform her of it.

"It's strange that we are learning everything from the prosecutor's office and not from the police, who are investigating the case," the journalist said.

We remind you that Anastasia Matsko, a journalist at the online publication "Poltava Wave", has said that district council deputy, Serhiy Boyko, and the head of the welfare inspection, Maksym Malko, threatened her during the March 29 City Council session.

The police opened a case for Part 2 of Article 171 ("Obstructing the legal professional work of journalists, influencing a journalist in any way with the purpose of preventing them from fulfilling their professional duties, or persecuting a journalist in connection with their legal professional work") of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Later, the journalist's lawyer, Dmytro Semekha, requested that the Poltava police reclassify the case as threats instead of obstruction.

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