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Polish farmers prevent Yanina Sokolova from entering Ukraine

14.02.2024, 17:12

The Polish farmers halted TV host Yanina Sokolova, who was returning from Poland to Ukraine by car, at the Zosin – Ustyluh checkpoint.

She reported this on her YouTube channel on February 13.

"I went to Poland for a day to pick up the kids' things and happened on the strike. In the morning, as I was driving to Poland, the tractors were gathering. At ten o'clock they were to begin their peaceful strike. They let the passenger cars through, we drove by. And as soon as the evening, when I was going back, I saw tractors that did not let civilian cars through, not just cargo trucks, but passenger cars, even those with children, coming from Poland back to Ukraine," Yanina Sokolova said on her channel.

The host talked to the protesters blocking the passage of civilian vehicles and trucks. They explained to her why they were doing it.

"Polish farmers said that they had given us money when the full-scale war began, and now we were taking money from Polish farmers, taking away their work, that our war was our concern. A woman started to shout that 'when the war comes here, we will defend our land,' just as you're defending yours. The Polish police was sitting just by the side of the road in their car. The policeman did not even come out, did not approach us, did not help the passenger cars move on," the host remarked.

She noted that Ukrainian refugees also benefit the Polish economy, paying taxes into Poland's budget and buying more goods in Poland than before the full-scale war.

"I won't even mention the fact that I am near the Volyn oblast now. Here, everything is filled with Polish goods, but in the capital, where we go shopping every day, as in the other oblasts, everything is full of Polish goods, which we, Ukrainians, buy, helping your economy develop," she added.

Yanina Sokolova also released a video of herself interviewing the protesters.

Polish activists have blocked the highway and are protesting against the European Commission's decision to extend duty-free trade with Ukraine until 2025.

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