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OPFL spent 60 million UAH from state budget for TV advertisement - CVU

06.07.2020, 16:13
Photo credit: Detektor Media
Photo credit: Detektor Media

The political party "Opposition Platform - For Life" spent 60 million UAH (around $2 millions) received from the State Budget of Ukraine to pay for advertising materials on television, as the Committee of Voters of Ukraine reported referring to the report of the political party on its financial disclosures for the first quarter of 2020 (January-March), published on the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP) website.

In total, during the first quarter, OPFL spent 63 million UAH (around $ 2,3 millions) on its activities, of which UAH 60 million was spent on television advertising.

The party received funds from the state budget as part of the reimbursement of campaign expenses during the last parliamentary elections and as funding for the party's statutory activities.

Most of the funds were received by 112-Ukraina TV channel. In total, the party transferred 23 million UAH (around $ 851 thousand) of budget funds to the 112-Ukraine Information Agency LLC (February 6 and March 4). The funds are transferred for "services providing placement of advertising video footage."

Another UAH 16 million was transferred to New Communications Television and Radio Company (ZIK) as payment for advertising services on the air.

In addition, 24 million UAH (around $890 thousand) was received by NewsOne LLC as payment for advertising video footage.

“Ukrainian taxpayers have actually paid for the party's advertising on a number of TV channels. In practice, this means spending budget funds to four winds. After all, instead of spending money on the development of the party, OPFL spends budget funds for self-publicity, ” - as the chairman of CVU Oleksiy Koshel said. 

In his opinion, “such actions do not violate the current legislation, but contradict the very idea of ​​state funding of parties. Therefore, it is extremely important to amend the Law on Political Parties in Ukraine and prohibit parties from spending public funds on advertising.

As IMI reported, the main customer of jeansa in online media for the second quarter in a row in 2020 was the party "Opposition Platform - For Life". It accounted for an average of 31% of materials with signs of ordering, while all other political forces together had 12% of materials of the kind.

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