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On May 21st, Georgy Gongadze Prize to be awarded

14.05.2020, 14:46
Georgiy Gongadze Prize
Georgiy Gongadze Prize

On May 21, at 7:15 p.m., the ceremony of Georgiy Gongadze Prize is to be aired by the UA: Kultura public TV channel. The ceremony will be available for watching on the YouTube channel UA: Kultura and on Facebook pages of the award, Ukrainian PEN and UA-Cultura.

The winner is traditionally announced on 21 May, birthday of journalist Georgy Gongadze. 

This year, the award ceremony will be held virtually for the first time. Yuri Makarov and Olga Snitsarchuk will host the event.

The Georgy Gongadze Prize is an award for independent journalists established by the Ukrainian PEN in 2019 in partnership with the powered Kyiv Mohyla Business School Alumni Association and the Ukrainska Pravda.and the Ukrainska Pravda. The first winner of the award was the editor-in-chief of the online publication Historychna Pravda and the eponymous TV magazine on the Espresso TV channel, as well as the founder of the Museum of Archive of the Press Vakhtang Kipiani. 

This year's finalists were Toronto Television founder Roman Vintonov, publicist, TV presenter Pavlo Kazarin, and Ukrainer project founder Bohdan Logvynenko. 

22 journalists were competing for nomination. Among the criteria for nominating candidates are  devotion to principles and values of independent journalism, professionalism and competence, innovation, significant contribution in development of a particular genre or media environment at large, creation of materials leading to resolving or understanding of certain issues in the society and changes in the country.

Under the terms of the award, only members of the capitula are entitled to nominate journalists for the prize.

The amount of reward for the winner is 100 thousand hryvnias (around $3 746).

Ceremony is to be available on the TV channel "UA: Culture" Facebook page and yutub channel "UA: Culture" Facebook page of Radio Cultura, and on Facebook pages of Gongadze Prize, Ukrainian PEN, Ukrainska Pravda and Detektor Media.


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