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Oksana Romaniuk encourages sending evidence of Russian propagandists' information crimes to IMI

25.10.2022, 14:33
Photo credit: National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting
Photo credit: National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting

IMI Executive Director Oksana Romaniuk called on Ukrainians to send the evidence of Russian and Belarusian propagandists' information crimes to IMI. She said so on the air of Radio NV.

Namely, this pertains to the evidence of propagandists' calls for the genocide of Ukrainians. "Send it to us. Our colleagues from other media organizations and us have a working group. We have now started working with law enforcement agencies and international lawyers. And all this needs to be recorded. Because we noticed that they (propagandists – Ed.) are starting to take down some of their statements. That's why these things must be recorded promptly," said Romaniuk.

She added that if there are many such calls for the genocide of Ukrainians, then a criminal article may be applied to propagandists.

"If there are many of such calls... if it's one or two, then it's a call to violation of territorial integrity, but if there are 80 of them, then it's genocide, it's a completely different article and a completely different scale of punishment. This has a completely different meaning for Ukraine and for the protection of our interests," she said.

We remind that in October, IMI has launched a series of publications on the Russian propagandists' media crimes in order to gather information that will help bring them to justice.

On October 5, human rights and media organizations agreed to cooperate with the Prosecutor General's Office while investigating Russia's war crimes against the media and journalists in Ukraine.

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