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Odesa security guards interfere with TSN correspondent's reporting from a shelling site

24.06.2024, 13:07

Unknown security guards interfered with TSN special correspondent Serhiy Osadchuk's reporting from the site of the morning missile strike on Odesa on June 24, reports the regional representative of IMI in Odesa oblast.

According to the journalist, the security guard called himself the commander of the army unit guarding the premises.

"He said that he was ordered to have us move away to a safe distance because we could be in danger. Although that was the spot where a patrol police officer had led us when we arrived and asked us not to come closer. Two of these so-called security guards started interfering as we recorded the testimonies of eyewitnesses (warehouse workers). We argued with them and he said that they were doing community labor unlike us, who get paid. I said, well, if you're a volunteer, why aren't you on the front line. He suggested that we go there together," said Serhiy Osadchuk.

After some time, the security guards walked away elsewhere and no longer approached the TSN filming crew.

Local journalists received the army's permission to work at this civilian object in compliance with all safety regulations.

Later, Odesa media were able to identify the security guards as members of the public order formation ALMAZ, which, according to Opendatabot, was registered in June 2022.

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