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Occupiers launch propaganda radio in the seized part of Zaporizhzhia oblast

12.09.2022, 15:35

The occupiers have launched Za!Radio on the FM frequency in the seized part of Zaporizhzhia oblast. This was announced on the propaganda Telegram channel "ZaTV.Novosti Zaporozhskoy oblasti."

The propagandists have made a whole commercial about this. In particular, the video says that the radio currently works in testing mode, and that the technological aspect and the content concept are ready. The radio will broadcast Russian music and hourly news, and the half-hour program "Evening with Vladimir Andronaki" on weekends. This is most likely about Andronaki Vladimir Petrovich, "journalist," "TV journalist," "author and host of Evening Interception program on Radio Krym."

The promotional video also shows a very poorly equipped radio office and the employees' comments. It features Evgeniy Kochubey, the radio's chief sound engineer, who says that "the quality of our equipment meets the global standards." Denis Dorofeyev, a "Za!Radio station employee," a journalist who used to be, among other things, a sports commentator on the Melitopol TV channel, the songwriter for the metal band MegamasS, and a former host of Radio Submarina, also gives a comment. He had started working with the collaborators in the spring. In his comment, he says that the radio's content "will consist of informative broadcasts full of meaning." Za!Radio, whose slogan is "For Motherland! For our home! For the radio!" is being shamelessly called "the best radio in Zaporizhzhia oblast" by the propagandists.

As IMI reported, on August 1, a new propaganda TV channel ZaTV started working in the occupied Melitopol, Zaporizhzhia oblast.

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