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Occupiers disable mobile connection in Luhansk oblast

20.02.2023, 10:05

On February 19, the Russian invaders disabled mobile connection in a part of the occupied Luhansk oblast. This was reported by the Luhansk Oblast State Administration.

"Nine days ago, the invaders in Luhansk oblast announced they were curbing the partisan movement and disabled the mobile internet services of the local operator. However, for many residents of the oblast had started losing these services a few days before the announced date. By the way, the subscription fee remained the same in February, despite the exclusion of mobile internet. It will not be reduced in March either. Yesterday (February 19 – Ed.), the occupiers went even further, disabling mobile connection in a part of the oblast completely," the report says.

The LOSA notes that so far occupiers claim that the connection has disappeated due to an accident on the main lines, "which, judging by the areas where the connection disappeared, 'happened' in multiple places at the same time."

"Now there is no connection not only with the territory under controlled by the Ukrainian government, but also between the neighboring occupied cities," the message says.

As IMI reported, in February, illegal mobile operator Lugacom, which operates in the occupied part of Luhansk oblast on equipment stolen from Ukrainian operators, announced that it was withdrawing the mobile Internet service from all tariff plans.

Regular people in occupied Luhansk oblast have almost no Internet access.

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