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Occupation court in Crimea fines a Ukrainian citizen for "discrediting" the Russian army

20.04.2023, 12:54

The Russian-backed Chornomorsky District Court of Crimea fined a Ukrainian citizen for "anti-Russian statements". Krym.Realii reports this, citing the "court's" press office.

The woman was ordered to pay 30,000 rubles for "public statements claiming the actions of the Russian military on the territory of Ukraine are unlawful, accusing them of carrying out illegal orders given by their commanders, and of other war crimes."

Pro-Russian blogger Oleksandr Talipov, who cooperates with Russian security forces, said on his Telegram channel "Krymsky SMERSH" that Kateryna Pavlenko, a teacher at secondary school No. 1 in Chornomorske village, has been fined. According to Talipov, Pavlenko hails from western Ukraine. The woman has been vocal about her position since the start of the full-scale invasion, accusing Russia of unprovoked aggression against Ukraine, as well as calling out Russia's involvement in the Donbas war.

There have been no public comments from Pavlenko herself.

Pro-Ukrainian residents continue to be persecuted in Russia and its occupied territories. Namely, pro-Russian Crimean blogger Oleksandr Talipov posts personal data of pro-Ukrainian Crimeans on his Telegram channel. Talipov's denunciations result in those Crimeans facing administrative and criminal charges for "discrediting" the Russian army. The Ukrainian Prosecutor's Office has opened a case against Talipov under the article "inciting national enmity and hatred."

As the IMI reported, previously, the Russian-backed Kyiv District Court of Simferopol fined local woman Natalia Sadovska 40,000 rubles (about 20,000 hryvnias) for "discrediting" the Russian army. The woman faced a fine for a message in her apartment building's Telegram group chat. In it, Sadovska wrote in Ukrainian: "May our prayers be heard and become the strongest armor and protection of every Ukrainian, every warrior! Everything for Ukraine's victory."

The case was drawn up after pro-Russian blogger Oleksandr Talipov wrote a denunciation against the woman.

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