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"Novynarnia" chief editor Dmytro Lykhoviy appointed UAF General Staff spokesperson

25.12.2023, 11:23
Photo: screenshot from the video by the UAF General Staff
Photo: screenshot from the video by the UAF General Staff

"Novynarnia" chief editor Dmytro Lykhoviy, who was perviously drafted into the Ukrainian Armed Forces, has been appointed spokesperson of the UAF General Staff, reports "Novynarnia".

The team notes that on Christmas morning, December 25, Captain Lykhoviy spoke about the front line situation during the previous week live at the national telethon, and later read the summary of the previous day's events for the General Staff social media.

The "Novynarnia" chief editor, Dmytro Lykhoviy, was drafted into the Armed Forces in the November of 2023; in the meantime his duties will be performed by Lesya Shovkun.

Announcing his leaving to serve in the army, Lykhoviy said that he was the fifth person from the milieu around "Novynarnia" and their NGO to join the UAF after the start of the full-scale invasion.  The sixth person was on the way.

"Taken together, it's almost a half of our team, if you count the most active freelancers. That's 'Novynarnia' for you. We chose this niche and this topic ourselves in 2016: 'News from Ukraine at war,'" Lykhoviy wrote.

According to him, only women will remain in "Novynarnia" until the martial law is lifted. Most of them either have husbands or fathers in the army, or they are front-line and army reporters themselves, while also working in volunteer / veteran projects.

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