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File a complaint identifies nearly 2000 officials of the occupation authorities and adds their data onto the map

29.09.2023, 15:05

The team identified 1,816 officials of the occupation authorities, ranging from the police and courts to schools and utility companies and compiled a map with such data. The absolute majority among them (1,579 or nearly 87%) turned out to be collaborators – Ukrainian citizens who sided with the Russians and were appointed head of this or other institution, sometimes several at once.

However, the key positions in the occupation authorities are held by Russians. For example, on January 30, 2023, Alexander Gaglazov (aged 52), who previously worked at an FSB office in Tambov, Russia, was appointed head the "FSB department for Zaporizhzhia oblast" created in Melitopol on January 30, 2023.

The same applies to the leadership of the departments of the Investigative Committee of Russia (the main body that investigates crimes committed by so-called "special subjects" deputies, judges, prosecutors, police and other representatives of the authorities) in the occupied territories. On the other hand, over 87% of local police stations are run by Ukrainians, most of whom also used to work as police officers. Colonies, prisons and pre-trial detention centers are also mainly run by collaborators from the Ukrainian penitentiary system – almost 80% of them.

Another area where Russians significantly outnumber Ukrainians is military units and military commissariats, where over 80% of the leadership are Russians. found only two military units in Crimea which are run by Mykhailo Shcherbak and Serhiy Maksymenko, former citizens of Ukraine.

The share of Russians in the leadership of prosecutor's offices reaches 75%. The only exceptions are the so-called "Prosecution Office of the Donetsk People's Republic" and the former "General Prosecutor's Office of the Donetsk People's Republic", which is now being liquidated. Russians also run 64% of courts and judicial departments in the occupied territories.

As research by shows, schools and kindergartens in the captured territories it is mostly former Ukrainian educators who teach children to love Russia properly. And the administrations and education departments paying them salaries have the same people working there as before the occupation.

"All her life she dreamt of becoming a boss. But Olena Tereshchenko was always so stupid that no sane person could think of giving her any position. Now the fool's dream has come true," is how the former head of the Education Department of the Kakhovka City Council, Mykhailo Honchar, characterized his former subordinate. Before the invasion, Olena Tereshchenko (aged 50) worked as a primary school teacher, and as early as April 2022 she was appointed the principal of school No. 1 in Kakhovka.

In order to get this position, the woman helped the Russians capture the legitimate principal of the school. This March Olena Tereshchenko was revealed to be not just a principal, but the new head of the education department of the occupation administration as well.

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As IMI reported, the independent anti-corruption center received threats by email. According to the center's executive Oleksandra Hubytska, they believe the threats to be connected to the article "The Great Escape", which was released on September 14, 2023. identified 2,248 men who fled the country through to the Shlyakh system and the persons who helped them.

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