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National watchdog warned Berdyansk TV channel for retransmission of Pryamyy’s program

08.04.2021, 14:35
Photo credit: Ukrinform
Photo credit: Ukrinform

The National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting issued a warning to Television and Radio Company “Yug” LLC (Berdyansk, Zaporizhzhya region). This decision was made by the National Council on April 8 at a meeting based on the results of the unscheduled on-site inspection, according to the regulator's website.

According to the National Council, the broadcaster did not fulfill the terms of its own licenses and did not adhere to certain program concepts of broadcasting. In particular, the National Council found that on September 30, 2020, the programs of the Pryamyy TV Channel were rebroadcast by “Yug” for a total of 7 hours. 30 sec / day (38.9%).

The program has not logo of Pryamyy due to the geometric conversion of the image when changing the aspect ratio of the screen from 16x9 to 4x3. However, the programs "Reporter" and "Hot-Button Topic" were marked with the sign "© LLC" TV "Pryamyy", were recorded reflections "Prymay Direct Opposition", "Pryamy Advertising", "Pryamy Political Advertising" and "Pryamy Social Advertising". In addition, the correspondence of TV programs for September 30, 2020 of “Yug” and “Pryamy” was established.

The National Council noted that the licenses of “Yug” did not suppose any retransmission of programs of other broadcasters. The copy of the license (permission) for the use of the intellectual property of “Pryamy” submitted by the channel had no legal effect, as it has not been certified in the prescribed manner.

“Yug” did not provide any supporting documents that would indicate that the programs and programs shown that day on its air were wholly or partially created by the broadcaster.

In addition, the program concept of “Yug” did not provide for the following changes: the volume of entertainment programs was reduced from 1 hour. up to 03 minutes 15 sec / day; children's programs were not broadcast (the license provides for 1 hour of such programs per day) and programs of another thematic direction (under the license - religious 10 minutes / day). 

Thus, the National Council recorded and acknowledged the violation by the company of part seven of Article 27 (the licensee is obliged to comply with the terms of the license); part eight of Article 28 (the licensee is obliged to adhere to the defined program concept of broadcasting) and item a) of part one of Article 59 (the television and radio organization is obliged to comply with the legislation of Ukraine and license requirements) of the Law of Ukraine “On Television and Radio Broadcasting”.

The National Council issued a warning to “Yug” under two licenses and obliged it to comply with the requirements of the current legislation within one month from the date of the decision of the regulatory body.

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