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National Resistance Center: Russians bring in "volunteers" to pry locals for information

12.06.2024, 11:05

The Russians have brought "volunteers" to the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine's South. These "volunteers" are supposed to pry the locals for information, reports the National Resistance Center.

The Ukrainian underground resistance notes that the so-called "social workers" are activists employed by the party "United Russia". Having arrived in the occupied territories, they receive instructions on gathering information from the elderly.

During their stay, they are supposed to learn:

  • who does not have a Russian passport yet;
  • who stays in contact with their relatives in the free territories;
  • the list of those potentially disloyal to the occupation authorities.

The National Resistance Center notes that any "processes involving volunteers" in Russia are demonstrative and used for propaganda.

As reported earlier, Russia has been increasing spending on programs for foreign "journalists, bloggers and youth" through the "Rossotrudnichestvo", which was created to support the work of the Russian intelligence network around the world. In particular, in the four months of 2024, it announced 230 million rubles worth of tenders for "correct coverage" of the war for – more than for the entire year in 2023.

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