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National regulator inflicted sanctions on several TV channels

11.06.2021, 11:38
Photo credit: Ukrinform
Photo credit: Ukrinform

The National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting has imposed a set of sanctions on several TV broadcasters. The regulator announced it on June 10, as Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reported.

In particular, the National Council imposed two inspections and two pecuniary penalties on the Nash channel. The inspections are due to words said on the air of the channel by former Ministers of Justice Olena Lukash and Andriy Palchevsky.

As to the Security Service of Ukraine, Olena Lukash rhetoric could contain "signs of a covert call for aggressive action and dismantlement of statehood."

The analysis of remarks made by the politician, presenter and entrepreneur Andriy Palchevsky is caused by the broadcast of May 7. According to the regulator, in the program presented by Maksym Nazarov, Andriy PAlchevsky uttered some things, which could be considered as incitement to national hatred. during the broadcast in the conversation between the guest of the air and the presenter Maxim Nazarov, statements were heard that have signs of incitement to national hatred.

"For example, the opinions were expressed in which the residents of the Galician ethnic group were accused of imposing their own historical vision of Ukraine's development on other territories of Ukraine, negatively influencing society, the state and opposing Galicia to other territories of Ukraine," the council said.

The channel also got two fines totaling more than 224,000 hryvnias (around $8000). One of the fines is related to the words of  Vadym Rabinovych, MP from the "Opposition Platform - For Life", who accused the Ukrainian authorities of "fascism". The regulator also noted that the parliamentarian violated the principle of the presumption of innocence, calling activist Serhiy Sternenko a "murderer" despite the lack of a relevant court decision.

The second fine is related to the statements of former MP Yevhen Balytsky, who "spread allegations and narratives of Russian propaganda about "extrenal governance of Ukraine "on the air."

In addition, the National Council found signs of attempts to distort historical facts in Balytsky's comments on the massacre in Babyn Yar, the wording of the "so-called Holodomor" and the denial of the significance of the events of the Revolution of Dignity. The regulator pointed out that the presenters did not react to these words expressed by the guests in the studio.

On the other hand, in February the council received a letter from the SBU regarding the words of Channel 4 host Ostap Drozdov. During the inspection, members found that Drozdov's words had "signs of propaganda of the exclusivity, superiority or inferiority of individuals on the basis of their ideology and beliefs, as well as elements of propaganda of incitement to national hatred and animosity."

This concerned, in particular, Drozdov's comments on viewers of 112 Ukraine, ZIK and Newsone, which are currently subjected to the sanctions.

"Comparing viewers of these channels with biological organisms (" unicellular "," amoebae "," Paramecium caudatum"," unicellular Rear Echelon Mother Figures”), Ostap Drozdov humiliates human honor and the dignity of a large part of Ukrainian society, stigmatizes their characteristics, which potentially threatens the violation of public order and national security of Ukraine in the face of the Russian Federation's aggression against Ukraine, "the National Council concluded and fined the channel more than 114 000 hryvnias (about $4 215).

The head of the National Council Olga Herasimyuk advised the TV channel to have a talk with journalists and editors about "respecting the citizens of Ukraine."

The Kyiv-based Maxi-TV channel will be tested through statements by Communist Party ex-leader Petro Symonenko to the Armed Forces, law enforcement agencies, the country's leadership and the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, which the regulator considers to be "discriminatory, offensive and provocative."

The National Council also appointed an inspection of the Lviv channel "NTA" for the words of ex-People's Deputy Oleg Barna in the program "Greater Lviv Speaks". The regulator drew attention to Barna's statement about the origin of President Volodymyr Zelensky, whom he called a "defective Jew."

"In this conversation there are signs of stigmatization and provocation of negative attitude towards some Jews regardless of their place of residence, and therefore signs of xenophobia and hate speech. They did not notice that they could not insult people on the grounds of belonging to a certain nation.

In May 2021, the National Council fined Nash, 112 Ukraine, and NewsOne for inciting hostility.

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