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Mykhailo Tkach reports obstruction of his journalistic work

11.10.2022, 11:38
Photo: Mykhailo Tkach's Facebook
Photo: Mykhailo Tkach's Facebook

Ukrainska Pravda journalist Mykhailo Tkach reported obstruction of his journalistic work.

According to him, on October 10, six men came to the home of his filming crew's driver. Four of them were in military uniform, two wore black.

One of them called himself a policeman and said that the driver was the culprit of an accident on October 10 and had fled the site.

"Then they began questioning the driver's wife about his job: is he the journalist, the driver, or the cameraman. They asked if he works with Mykhailo Tkach. And the most important thing that these men were interested in was where is the office, the office where Mykhailo Tkach works, and where Ukrainska Pravda is based," the journalist noted.

According to him, when the driver's daughter called him and tried to hand the phone over to the men so they could talk to him, they left the driver's family alone and left.

Tkach emphasized that the people were not driving a police car and, according to a neighbor, arrived on foot.

The journalist is convinced that this visit has to do with his team's recent report about racers who disturb the people amidst the war by organizing street races.

"I call on the law enforcement agencies to react. If it's the driver of our filming crew, everyone knows perfectly well who he is, they can easily establish whether there really are any proceedings involving him," the journalist summed up.

As IMI reported, Ukrainska Pravda journalist Mykhailo Tkach reported SMS-bombing and mass phone calls after the publication of his story "Wartime Fast and Furious. How the capital's residents are being terrorized by street races" on September 28.

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