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Musk refuses to take down Medvedev's tweet saying that "Ukraine will disappear"

10.04.2023, 14:13
Photo: Reuters
Photo: Reuters

Twitter owner Elon Musk refused to take down the propaganda tweet about Ukraine posted by the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev

The billionaire said so, April 10, in response to an appeal from one of the platform's users.

"I’m told Putin called me a war criminal for helping Ukraine, so he’s not exactly my best friend. All news is to some degree propaganda. Let people decide for themselves," Musk wrote.

The tweet in question was posted by Medvedev the day before and titled "Why Will Ukraine Disappear? Because Nobody Needs It".

The user who drew Musk's attention to this tweet believes Medvedev's tweet is a call for the genocide of Ukrainians. They told Musk that he was not abiding by anti-Russian sanctions and that he himself has violated Twitter TOS by allowing Russian officials to come back to the platform.

To @elonmusk

1. Is this a violation of TOS calling for genocide of #Ukraine
2. How is a terrorist state verified
3. Why did you allow #Russian leaders back on the platform lifting #Twitters regulations against #Putin and #Russian officials
4. Why are you not abiding by sanctions

— Anonymous Operations (@AnonOpsUnited) April 9, 2023

Earlier, The Telegraph journalists discovered that Twitter was once again showing the accounts of Russian officials. They had been suspended back in April 2022 following Russia's full-scale invasion.

Recently, Twitter stopped policing Russian and Chinese state-affiliated media. The "Stay informed" label no longer appears next to posts by Russia- and China-controlled media.

As the IMI reported, Twitter social downgrades posts about the Russian-Ukrainian war, labeling them as misinformation.

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