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Mother of driver who killed woman in traffic accident called police to ward off Hromadske TV journalist

14.01.2016, 22:44

On January 14, mother of Stanislav Tolstosheyev, who hit and killed a woman in a traffic accident in Kyiv, called police to Kyiv Emergency Hospital because she saw how "Hromadske TV" Dmytro Hnap was making some video recording there. The police officers, who appeared on site, were not regular patrolmen but lieutenant colonel Andriy Umrykhin and other officers. They demanded that the journalist give explanations".

This particular accident became a focus of public attention in Kyiv, as impunity of high officials, rich people and their children for traffic accidents caused by them is notorious in Ukraine. Stanislav Tolstosheyev, age 21, seems to be one of such cases. He is son of a businessman from Druzhkivka (Donetska oblast), and evades court by claiming he has a grave heart disease/condition (also a common method used for evading responsibility). Dmytro Hnap, the journalist in question, conducted his own investigation, which showed that the young man already caused another traffic accident in Kyiv earlier, and also was a drug user. The journalist managed to take a photo of Tolstosheyev, who went to a smoking site to smoke a cigarette, while according to the hospital doctor's claim his condition is too serious to transport him to the court.  

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