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Soldier, former journalist Alla Pushkarchuk killed in action

25.04.2024, 23:26

Soldier, former Tyzhden journalist Alla Pushkarchuk. Photo by Alla Pushkarchuk on Instagram

Soldier, former Tyzhden journalist Alla Pushkarchuk. Photo by Alla Pushkarchuk on Instagram

Alla Pushkarchuk (call sign "Ruta") was killed in action on April 25. Military serviceman, former "Tyzhden" chief editor Dmytro Krapyvenko announced this on Facebook.

According to him, Alla died by shelling.

In his comment to the Institute of Mass Information, Dmytro clarified that Alla died in Donetsk oblast.

"Alla Pushkarchuk (Ruta) died today. A petite girl who went to war back in 2014, left the realm of art, studying at the Karpenko-Karyi University and her dream career as a theater expert," he wrote.

Dmytro said that Alla was hired by Tyzhden in 2018 and advanced from a journalist into a culture columnist.

Soldier, former Tyzhden journalist Alla Pushkarchuk. Photo by Chytomo

"The last (not the latest, unfortunately) time we talked was this year. Agreed to write to each other 'when there is some good news.' Those didn't come. There was a fatal shelling strike that took Ruta's life. Alla was from that generation that grew up during the war and was eagerly making plans for the future. ... No one will replace Alla. Neither in the civilian life nor in the army. This is an irreparable loss in the full sense of it," Dmytro wrote.

Alla Pushkarchuk also worked at Chytomo: she managed the news feed and coordinated the project "People from Empty Chairs".

During the Revolution of Dignity, she joined the "Right Sector" and later made trips to the front line to report and take photos as a member of their media department. She received the call sign "Ruta" back then. Following the full-scale invasion, she joined the Ukrainian Armed Forces together with her boyfriend.

According to the Institute of Mass Information, Alla Pushkarchuk is the 77th media worker to die as a result of Russia's aggression against Ukraine.

The IMI monitors Russia's crimes against the media and journalists in Ukraine. In the two years since the start of the full-scale invasion, Russia has committed 567 crimes against journalists and the media in Ukraine.

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