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Meta permanently deletes Memorial page with the stories of 5 440 murdered Ukrainians

11.01.2024, 10:49

Meta has permanently deleted the Instagram page of the Memorial Platform. Over nearly two years, the project's team has collected the stories of 5,440 people who were killed by the Russian invaders.

Memorial coordinator Yevhen Spirin reported this on Facebook.

"These are 5,440 life stories of those who died under Russian missiles, whom they (Russia. – Ed.) killed with shrapnel and projectiles, who defended our country, who died in their houses and basements with their entire families, who were kidnapped, tortured, exterminated. 5,440 voices that can never be forgotten. Never, because to forget is to erase us as Ukrainians," Yevhen wrote.

He also said that in October–December, Memorial's pages have been blocked four times until in December Meta took everything down permanently.

"Of course, everything remains on our website, but maybe Meta doesn't want the happy Instagram life to include the screams of children buried under concrete. Or maybe it's 'just because'. But this will not stop Memorial," added the platform's coordinator.

He also provided a link to the new Memorial page, where the team will continue to post the stories of murdered Ukrainians.

"I know from experience that knocking on Meta's door is useless. But somewhere out there, in the remnants of what used to be called my heart, I still have hope that it's possible to get through to them, even though I don't know how. Maybe you know," Yevhen added.

In his comment to the IMI, Yevhen Spirin said that the page was deleted on December 8. The team did not receive a reply to the appeal regarding the reasons for the removal.

In December 2023, the Memorial Platform presented the YouTube program "A Nation that Remembers", hosted by Lera Lauda, co-founder of the media growth agency "Abo" and the Memorial Platform (a project by the agency). She talks to her guests about memory preservation, discussing cases from around the world and the challenges facing Ukraine.

The Memorial Platform was created by the media growth agency "Abo" in the spring of 2022. The journalists document Russia's crimes against the soldiers and civilians.

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